5084cf675452f.png CEO’s Words - Kelvin Tsai

Pro Machinery & Equipment Limited (Promne) is definitely your good business partner. Since Pro Group was founded in 1994, we have been dedicated to the development of transportation industry. Promne distributes various type of trailers and special vehicles in Hong Kong, Macau, Asian market and some overseas market. Trailer products includes tandem container trailers, heavy duty multi-axle trailers, oil tankers, cement tankers and tailor-made special trailers. Special vehicles includes municipal garbage trucks, mobile refuse compactors, sewage handling trucks, fire engines, construction machinery, etc. We serve the customers in the local market, mainland China and some overseas market. We can assist you to the road of success by tailor-made equipment according to your specific needs. In the past, Our Chinese made special vehicles were less competitive in the international market. Our local market was heavily dependent on the supply from Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Now we are proud to represent several large innovative enterprises such as Guangdong Fuwa Engineering Manufacturing Company, Shunde F1 Transport Engineering Company, Fujian Fulongma Environmental Engineering Company, Lonking Holdings Limited, Guangdong Comwin Traffic Equipment Manufacturing Company, Dongguan Yongqiang Vehicles Manufacturing Company, Netherlands TSR Special Trailers, Taiwan SECO Truck, etc. We are authorized as their agencies in Hong Kong, Macau, and some overseas market. Moreover, the brands such as “DYNA” and “NIPPON” have more than 100 kinds of trailers and special vehicles for your selections.


5084cf675452f.png Company Background

Promne was founded in year 2000 as a member of Pro Group. Pro International is the parent company doing Import & Export of tyres, wheels, batteries and transportation equipment, Protyre (Hong Kong) is distributor of tyres, wheels and batteries in Hong Kong and Macau market.  Promne distributes various kinds of transportation equipments, environmental equipments, construction machinery, and provides one-stop service to our customers. Pro Group is dedicated to serve our customers with expertize services and sincerity.


5084cf675452f.png Business Scope

Promne has more than 11 reliable suppliers of manufacturing transportation equipment. Most of them are the leading manufacturers of the trailers and special vehicles in China. At present, Promne distributes standard and tailor-made equipment with one-stop service to our customers including planning, manufacturing, licensing, loan application and insurance. Products include container municipal vehicles , heavy duty tandem semi-trailers, multi-axle trailers, trailer axles, replacement parts, environmental equipments and construction machinery. We supply tailor-made transportation equipment which would bring the most benefits to our customers.


5084cf675452f.png Countries and Regions

Promne has more than 70% market share in semi-trailers and special trailer vehicles in Hong Kong since year 2016. In recent years, we develop more in the overseas market in South Africa, Indonesia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Malaysia and etc.


5084cf675452f.png Customer Service

Our semi-trailer service center is located at Mai Po, N.T. Our experienced and skillful mechanics provide one-stop services including MOT, vehicle licensing, registration and insurance for the customers. For the environmental equipments, their service center is located at Tsat Sing Kong and Lau Fau Shan, which provides installation, repair and maintenance services.

5084cf675452f.png Corporate Objectives

Promne has been a leading company in the market of transportation equipment over the past 10 years and will continue to focus on high quality and reliable equipment with professions and creativity for the market in the future.

5084cf675452f.png Principle

"Customer-oriented Service"