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  Tank Trailer

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Triple Axle Tank Trailer

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Tank trailer gives you a more safety and reduced costs solution for transporting any kind (Chemicals, Petroleum or Food etc) of bulk liquid from one place to another.

Chassis and Upper Body Structure

"DYNA" trailer has a standard lower frame height design providing a low centre of gravity. It is crucial for reducing the chances of a roll over with the constant shifting weight of the liquid cargo.


The shape of tank is generally influenced by the need for maximum capacity and the desire for a stylish look. We provide round square shape tanks, combination of cylindrical and rectangular. Cylindrical designs are often selected for their visual appeal and capable of higher strength, while the rectangular tank is most often employed to maximize volume for a given space.


To consider different user needed, we can provide single compartment or multi-compartments tank structure. Baffle plates will be installed for tank separation. It open at bottom for venting and liquid leveling, and also baffle plates gives better handling when deceleration during cargo transportation.


For transporting hazardous commodities, the trailer has equipped with all sort of safety equipment (such as Fire Extinguishers, Dangerous Goods Notice Labels, Anti-Static Type Tire and Wire run in metal conduit etc).

Material Selection

Almost any material with good tensile properties that is chemically stable in the chosen application could be employed. The three most common materials are steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

  • Steel – It is remarkably cheaper compare to below metals, but also has the strength to withstand the heavy loads. Disadvantage of readily corrode, rust or stain with water.
  • Stainless steel – It offers advantages of resistance to corrosion and equally strength compare with steel. It is often used in food transportation because of its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties.
  • Aluminum alloy – It offers advantages of lighter weight and resistance to corrosion. But more expensive compare to stainless steel and steel.


Tank equipments are a serious mission for companies involved in the transportation and handling of hazardous bulk commodities, thus our products adopts the world famous brands which are specialist on it. They are safeguarding against costly spills, overfills and fugitive vapor emissions, and delivering improved operating efficiencies over the road and at the terminal.


Figure 1


We provide all sorts of equipment you can find on a tank trailer:

  • Control Air System – It will provide a simple control for entire tank system (ie. Internal valves control and vapor recovery valves control etc) during loading and unloading.
  • Internal Valves – By using pneumatic internal valves and control air system, you can easily open / close entire / individual compartments in any situation. In the other hand, we can also provide mechanical internal valves which is control by a cable control operator.


  Figure 2                          Figure 3

  Figure 1 : Emergency Valve Operator through flexible cable             Figure 2 : Internal Valve


  • Vapor Recovery Valves – It connects each tank compartment to the rollover rail vapor recovery system which is air operated and controlled by the control air system. They seal the tank compartment during product transportation at closed position and allow full vapor flow during loading and unloading.


  Figure 4

  Figure 3 : Vapor Recovery Valves mounted on the vehicle


  • Overfill Detection System – It is a combination of 2 parts, a vehicle mounted socket and a top mounted optic sensor. The socket connects sensors on trailers to compatible control monitor plugs installed at loading terminals. Altogether provides for automatic shutoff of product flow at a predetermined liquid level to prevent an overfilling. 

  Figure 5                           Figure 6

  Figure 4 : Vehicle mounted socket                                                           Figure 5 : Optic Sensor