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  Road Sweeper

Exterior View


Front View of Road Sweeper

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In city roads and highways, dust and debris are easily built up at the sides of road. As vehicles passing by at high speed, it is very dangerous to do the sweeping job in person. Therefore, a special vehicle called Road Sweeper has introduced to handle the job. In order to do the sweeping, suction and driving at the same time, the vehicle has equipped an auxiliary engine to drives the high-performance fan, brush system and water pump altogether for completing the job. By switching buttons at the in-cab control unit, workers are able to control the sweeping equipments in safe and easy way.


“Fulongma” Road Sweeper has equipped a Four (4) brushes design (Dual brushes on each side) sweeping system with suction nozzle located at centre back. Dust and debris were sweep to the centre of the vehicle, and sucked in a direct route from the vacuum nozzle into the hopper.


i)  Side Brush

Brushes are direct hydraulic motor drive and pneumatic control in & out position with kick-back protection, ensure there are no damages to brushes when hitting obstacle during sweeping. Brush angle and speed are fully adjustable.


ii) Suction Plate

It is mounted on a Four (4) rubber tyred wheels trailed frame located at the centre back. The suction nozzle is pneumatic control up & down position, and equipped with an additional hydraulically drive brushes to increase the efficiency. A tilting mechanism, controlled by a pneumatic cylinder, enables the suction nozzle to accommodate large objects with ease.


iii) Dust Suppression System

Water jet is mounted on brushes and suction nozzle to improve dust suppression.


iv) Wander Hose

A lightweight flexible top mounted hose, with steel extension tube and control switches for raising & lowering. The hose is able to work through 3m wide from the side of the vehicle, and turn around by 360°. Water jet is also mounted inside the upper part hose for improve dust suppression.


v) Hopper

A stainless steel hopper is mounted onto the top of chassis. There is a filtering net located near the suction nozzle, in order to filter some larger size of garbage. There is also a sewage emission tube mounted at the rear side, in order to discharge some sewage in the hopper first and let the garbage discharging process become faster and easier. Garbage will be discharged by gravity when raising and tilting the hopper as shown in Exterior View Figure named "Hopper Raised View".


vi) Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is mounted in the front side of hopper. Its function is exhausting air in the hopper and let it in lower pressure comparing with atmosphere. So the garbage swept by the brush can easily be absorbed through suction nozzle by vacuum.


i)    Improve road sweeping working efficiency to improve operator’s work.
ii)    Improve the safety of road cleaning process because of too many vehicles on the road.
iii)    Reduce manual error and bad road appearance after poor road cleaning.