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  Gully Absorber

Exterior View


Front Side View of Gully Absorber

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In Underground Gullies for City Roadways, they always amass a lot of mess. Not only time-consuming if the mess is only cleaned by workers directly climbing inside, it can also threaten workers’ life safety because gullies may contain toxic gases and jet stream. Therefore, a special vehicle called Gully Absorber has introduced to handle the job with enhancing the efficiency and safety of Gully Cleaning. This vehicle has equipped an auxiliary engine to drive the Vacuum Pump, Water Pump and the Tipping Process of Hopper. By switching buttons at the in-cab control unit, workers are able to control the suction and emission processes in safe and easy way.


“Fulongma” Gully Absorber has two (2) modes of Absorption, which are the Rear Body Connecting Outlet and the Wander Hose. It has also two (2) modes of Emission, which are the Rear Body Connecting Outlet and Self-Emission by Tipping the Hopper. Both can freely choose one of two modes mentioned above to work, in order to make the Absorption and Emission tasks become more convenient and diversified.


i)Suction and Emission Outlets

Suction and Emission Outlets are located at the right side and left side of hopper’s rear door respectively. Their connecting outlets can connect suction or emission hose. Each outlet has also a manual on/off valve.


ii)Wander Hose

Wander Hose is able to turn around the turntable at the roof of hopper by 360°, when can also oscillate upward and downward. This function is in order to stretch the hose into gully by well. The lower connecting outlet of the Wander Hose can connect a suction hose.



A round-shaped hopper is mounted on the top of chassis. It uses a disc-shaped sealing head to constitute an airtight area. Not only can through the emission outlet, mess inside the hopper can also be discharged by gravity when tipping towards the rear body of this vehicle. The rear door has also a water position observing equipment to avoid water overflowing due to too much water inside the hopper.


iv)Self-Unloading System

During the emission process, mess inside the hopper can be easily left by tipping the hopper towards back side. This system is operated by hyadrulic method to control the tipping angle of the hopper.


v)Vacuum System

Vacuum System is composed by Vacuum Pump, First-Class and Second-Class Anti-Overflowing Devices, Four-Way Valve, Transmission System, and so on. Its main function is to exhaust air in the hopper and let it in lower pressure comparing with atmosphere, in order to absorb the mess in gullies into the hopper.


vi)Deodorization System

It is mainly composed by Venturi Sprayer, Essence Container, Connecting Pipe, and so on. It is installed at the end of Vacuum Exhaustion Outlet. Through Venturi Effect, essence will be absorbed to the Venturi Sprayer, then nebulize and mix with the gas exhausted from Vacuum Pump. Therefore, the deodorization effect can be reached.


vii)Cleaning System(Optional for Installation)

Cleaning System is attached with Water Gun and Water Pump. Its purpose is to conduct a frequent cleaning and washing for the vehicle and around working areas, in order to reduce the environmental pollution due to vehicle operation. The clean water box has also a low water position warning system, to prevent burnout for the Water Pump.


i)Improve the efficiency of gully absorbing process because of vacuum absorption.

ii)Improve the safety of gully absorbing process because of too bad environment in gullies.